Introducing Formr

The birth of Formr and the death of bullshit.

I was working on a form a couple years ago and - as it is with most forms - was pulling my hair out and swearing at something rather loudly. It was probably my keyboard or iMac. It may have been my neighbor, but I know it wasn’t a beer because beer doesn’t make me angry. Anyway, I was pissed off about something form related and decided right then and there I was gonna do something about it. So I drank a beer. Then I decided I was gonna do something about how much of a pain in the ass it is to code forms. So I drank another beer and went to bed.

When I work up I got to thinking about my anger issues and a way to solve them that didn’t involve kicking ducks or yelling at neighbors. I wanted something that would let me quickly and easily create and validate forms… something like CodeIgniter, but without all that overhead. I didn’t want to install and configure a framework just to do a stupid login form!

And that’s basically how Formr came to be: lots of drinking and swearing. And possibly a fistfight or two with a cat. But he was asking for it!

Where was I?… So I wanted a system that was similar in some respects to CodeIgniter but wasn’t a full-on framework. Something that was really quick and easy to install, configure and use. Something that would take full advantage of my laziness and write all of the form’s HTML for me, and - since I use Bootstrap - write all that Bootstrap HTML too, and do the error messages and upload files and allow me to implement and server-side validate a login form or a 100-field contact form in under a minute, and on and on and on….

And that’s what I built! And I loved it so much that I set it free - and if it loves me it will come back to me; hopefully in the form of financial renumeration and hot chicks, but a simple thank you email will suffice too… especially if you’re one of those hot chicks who likes cosplay and beer. Send a photo!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy using Formr as much as I do. It really has changed my life and made me a happier developer - and I hope it changes yours too.

Thanks for watching, and Be Excellent to Each Other!