Tim Gavin began his computer career designing promotional flyers for his band and then moved on to print advertising and compact discs for companies such as Atlantic Records, Universal Music and Pony Canyon (Japan).

After landing a job as creative director in television production, Tim began building websites and dabbling in motion graphics and editing… his passion for web design soon took over and he began creating websites full-time.

A few years later Tim partnered with a talented designer, so he decided to focus more on coding and less on design, and began building web applications and content management systems, the first of which was for sending and tracking mass emails.

Right around the time the Apple TV was launched, Tim created tagChimp: a user-contributed web service which allowed desktop and mobile applications to connect via API and upload/download meta tags and cover art for movies and TV shows. Before tagChimp was retired it was receiving over 300,000 API hits per day and had over 26,000 registered members.

Tim started dabbling in open source software and screencasts a few years ago and has recently decided to finally figure out GitHub and contribute more frequently to the open source community, as well as shoot his mouth off on a blog - from time to time.

Tim's current project is Formr: a PHP mini-framework which helps developers quickly and easily create and validate forms with pretty much zero configuration.